House of Mysteries

Full of strange and fascinating objects, the House of Mysteries was created by the magician Jack to showcase deadly magic. The only way out of this twisted place is to obliterate your opponents.


You can use springs to move to the floor above. Press the left or right arrow keys to move in a direction after jumping. Springs recharge every 10 seconds, up to 2 charges.

Warp Portal

Secret doors on floors B1 and 2F instantly transport you between floors.


Use ladders to move to different floors. Press Jump to climb the ladder quickly, and left/right arrow keys and jump together to jump off. Press Space in front of a ladder to shake it, this will cause any Hyper on it to fall.

Jack's Magic Box

A special box that when picked up grants the user a buff for 10 seconds that reduces all incoming damage to 1.

Holo Tile

A tile that can be used to jump down to a lower floor. It is very useful when trying to move quickly between floors or escape.



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