Curse Eye floats into battle!

October 02, 2017|hyper

Curse Eye floats into battle this week!

Welcome Curse Eye, the newest Support Hyper to join the fight. Curse Eye is a cave dweller that has bit of an extreme personality. His ultimate is his mood swings and it’s accessible right at level 1 (there’s no restrictions on temper tantrums!).  This allows him to switch between his psychotic and calm forms which will uniquely change the skills that he has access to at that time. Even in death, Curse Eye supports his team, healing all allies around him over time. Don’t let him catch you on his bad side or you may find yourself petrified by his gaze.

Skill Overview:

Mood Swing (R)
This allows him to change between his Calm and Psychotic forms to gain access to offensive or defensive skills. You’ll need to choose wisely based on your situation and what you need.

[Calm Form]

Team Spirit (A)
Lets out a cheer and does damage to all the enemies around him as well as restoring mana to his allies.

Gazer Beam (Q)
Curse Eye shoots a deadly eye laser that does damage to all enemies and grants all allies hit by it 10% move speed and 10% higher health restoration effects.

Slobber Shield (W)
Curse Eye slobbers all over allies within range of Curse Eye granting them a protective shield that absorbs a portion of damage for 4 seconds.

Living Breath (E)
Curse Eye sprays a stream of healing energy at your allies that recovers health over 4 seconds.

[Psychotic Form]

Screamer (A)
Curse Eye let’s out a horrible cry dealing damage to all enemies in range and reducing their mana by 20.

Stone Gaze (Q)
Curse Eye fires a magical eye beam that turns any enemies facing him to Stone. Enemies lucky enough to not be facing Curse Eye will be stunned for a short time instead.

Horrific Odor (W)
Curse Eye releases a terrible cloud of stink on all enemies around him causing them to run away in fear. Enemies in fear take increased damage and lose control of their character for a short time.

Death Breath (E)
Curse Eye sprays a stream of corrosive liquid on enemies doing damage over time.

Using Curse Eye’s skills effectively:

Curse Eye is a supporter for his team through and through. You can choose either one of his forms to support your team how they most need you. If your team is prepared to engage you can switch to his psychotic form and fear or stun the enemies, making for a quick kill. If your team is under siege you can switch to his calm form to grant damage shields and healing over time. Swap forms wisely as there is a cooldown and you don’t want to be caught in the wrong form!

Recommended build:

Duality, Mark of Chaos, Task force Shield, Terminus Zero Hack, Eternal Ice Crystal, Titan Combat Boots

Curse Eye is a supporting type hyper and so you want to focus on his defensive and cooldown reduction items over all else. Terminus Zero Hack will increase the healing and support abilities of his calm form while also giving you cooldown reduction and movement speed. Eternal Ice Crystal will help you in a bind if you happen to get caught out, buying you a few seconds to use your shields and heals. Duality and Mark of Chaos increase the potency of both psychotic form abilities and calm abilities, doing dual duty. Some say that you can build him damage for an interesting twist on this support Hyper, what do you think?

Not sure what to build? As always, you can hop into our Discord to discuss itemization with other players.

You can hop into the battlefield with Curse Eye this week for a mere 15,000GP, which you can earn by leveling up and playing games.

Live long and slobber. Remember: Rawrawarwawrrr!

~Hyper Universe Team

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