Hyper Halloween Free Weekend!

October 16, 2017|events

Greetings Hypers!

Get ready for a Hyped up Hyper Halloween Event!


  • Pacific: Thursday, 10/19/17 after maintenance to Monday, 10/23/17 11:00AM PDT

  • Eastern: Thursday, 10/19/17 after maintenance to  Monday, 10/23/17 2:00PM EDT

  • Brazil: Thursday, 10/19/17 after maintenance to  Monday, 10/23/17 4:00PM BRST

  • London: Thursday, 10/19/17 after maintenance to  Monday, 10/23/17 7:00PM BST

For a short time, Hyper Universe will be free on the Nexon Launcher. You can download the launcher HERE. This means that all of your friends can now hop in and log more than 90 hours of intense Hyper Universe action. For Free.

Free Permanent Access

That’s not all! New accounts who reach level 7 will unlock PERMANENT access! Reach level 15 and unlock a FREE FOUNDER’S PACK that grants all 24 original launch Hypers and all of their unique gear. We know you don't want to stop playing, so these rewards will be unlocked on qualifying accounts by 1PM PDT on the 23rd. No tricks here, only treats.

Free Skin Cubes and Valter Skin Shield of Aquinas

If you've created an account before this event period started, you’ll earn skins just by playing matches you already play!

Complete 20 Delta Station AI or Regular Matches by the end of the event and snag yourself 20 skin cubes. Skin cubes are a special variant of the regular Hyper Cube that have 5 or 20 skin samples for your favorite Hypers. This means you’ll be able to craft that recolor skin in no time at all! And, if you complete 10 Dragon Refuge AI or Regular Matches, we’ll give you an additional 20 skin samples for Valter’s Shield of Aquinas skin pictured below**.

Oh and one last thing, we heard you loud and clear. You don’t even need to win these matches to earn your prizes; just keep playing!    

So what are you waiting for? Get your friends in and start gaming Hypers. This Halloween will be a good one!

-Hyper Universe Team


**Skin and sample rewards will be given out to accounts on the 26th of October, during maintenance.


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