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January 02, 2018|community

Hey Hypers,

Hot off the press! Hyper Universe is going Free to Play in January 17th! We’ve already promised some sweet rewards on the week of launch but let’s sweeten the pot even more! SHARE this video to spread the word and unlock even MORE fantastic rewards to claim on launch week!! 

Here is the video you’ll want to share with all of your friends in these languages:

English: https://www.facebook.com/playhyper/videos/1076026132538545/

Brazilian Portuguese: https://www.facebook.com/playhyper/videos/1076385882502570/

*If your Facebook does not support these languages you will not be able to view the links.


150 SHARES - Unlock 1 Hyper Ticket
250 SHARES - Unlock 3 Hyper Tickets
400 SHARES - Unlock the awesome SKIN COUPON!

Reaching 400 SHARES will unlock additional 4 Hyper Tickets and a sweet sweet skin for everyone who joins the battlefield on January 17th! Don’t forget to tag friends you want to play with!

* Rewards unlocked during our last share event will be provided together with rewards from this event. All rewards can be claimed when you log in to Hyper Universe during the first week of official launch (Jan 17th ~24th)

See you all on the battlefield, Hypers!

-Hyper Universe Team

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