Letter from Producer - 12/28/17

December 28, 2017|community

Hello Hypers,

Are you enjoying the holidays and looking forward to 2018? I know I am! I’m especially looking forward to mid-January because that’s when Hyper Universe is going Free-to-Play.  As with any online game heading into launch, the burning question for Hyper Universe right now is our monetization model. So today, I hope to discuss our plans with you and make it clear that we are very much Free-to-Play.

It’s important to us that Hyper Universe be a true Free-to-Play game. This model exists to remove barriers to entry for players. But for a PVP game like ours, it’s not enough that you simply come in for free since you’re matching your wits and skills against other players--money should never give you an edge over your wits or skills. If you can just buy your wins, why even bother playing?

So Hyper Universe’s monetization model is pretty simple: pay for bling. You pay to outfit your favorite Hypers and your account.  As a result, the bulk of our Cash Shop consists of Hyper skins. Prices of these skins vary based on how much development was put in (if a skin has new voiceover it will cost more, for instance), but all skin prices range between $6 and $13, with most landing at $10.

There will be packages that bundle Hypers, skins, slots, and emotes to give you some savings for wanting it all.  And that’s really it for paying with cash--no random loot box exclusive items, no cash equips, no advantages, period.  Everything else, you can buy with either NX cash or with Game Points (GP) earned by playing the game.

Some of you have wondered if you will need to pay for Hypers. Hypers can be unlocked with 15k GP, earned through our crafting system, or purchased for $5, but we want our non-paying players to be on equal footing with paying players when they start. We have therefore made it so that you are equipped with a good set of Hypers from the beginning. From level 1 to 5, you receive 4 free Hypers (Allen, Athena, Celine, and Sun Wukong). At level 6, you receive 30k GP, which means you can choose to buy 2 more Hypers. At level 8 and then again at 10, you get a Hyper Coupon that allows you to unlock a Hyper of your choice. By this time, you should have amassed enough GP to buy another Hyper or so, not to mention all the in-game and community events we run to give away free Hypers.

All equipment is sold only for GP in our service, Hyper cubes are not purchasable, and everything we sell in the Shop--including the skins--will be in the cubes.

Players who have previously played other Nexon games and have felt the sting of separated NX Credit and Prepaid will be happy to know that NX is consolidated for Hyper Universe. So no matter how you charge NX, it will all sum up to one balance.

Hyper Universe is a small but passionate team. We all play our game and share many of the concerns you have. Keeping the game Free-to-Play is one of our top priorities. This is only the first iteration of the Shop so of course we are working on expanding our inventory of goods (I personally would love to have voiceover packs), but I can guarantee you that we will never sell anything that gives a player an edge over another.

I hope I’ve been able to address your biggest questions about our monetization model today.

Happy Holidays and New Year!

Until next week,

Hyun K, Producer

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